Week 5 Update

Today was the end of another busy week in Annapolis as this unusual 2021 Legislative Session continues. On Wednesday, Senator Bailey presented two more bills to the Senate’s Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee.  Senate Bill 203 would require the Department of Natural Resources to… Read More »Week 5 Update

Week 4 Update

Senator Bailey is continuing to work with the Hogan Administration to help the residents of District 29 during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.  Today, the Senator met with Secretary Tiffany Robinson from the Department of Labor and members of the Governor’s staff to discuss constituents’ unemployment… Read More »Week 4 Update

Week 3 Update

On Wednesday, Senator Bailey presented Senate Bill 249 to the Senate’s Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee.  Under current law, a Senator can allow a student to use a Senatorial Scholarship at an out-of-state school only if the academic program the student is pursuing is… Read More »Week 3 Update

Week 2 Update

This week, Senator Bailey presented three more of his bills to Senate committees.  On Wednesday, the Senator presented Senate Bill 104 and Senate Bill 239 to the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee.  The first bill, Senate Bill 104, would require schools to install safety… Read More »Week 2 Update

Week 1 Update

On Thursday, Senator Bailey had his first bill hearing of the Session.  Senate Bill 277, which would give local governments the authority to determine which public safety officers are eligible for local property tax credits in their jurisdiction, was heard by the Senate’s Budget and… Read More »Week 1 Update

Session 2021

On January 13, 2021, the General Assembly began the 2021 Legislative Session.  This Session will bring a number of significant challenges as a result of the COVID–19 Pandemic.  These challenges are not only related to the issues that the General Assembly will be considering, but… Read More »Session 2021