The Bailey Daily

Day 50 – Kirwan

Today, Governor Hogan announced that the 2020 Primary Election will be postponed from April 28 to June 2 due to the coronavirus outbreak.  More information on this announcement and other actions announced today are available from this press release from the Governor’s Office: This afternoon,… Read More »Day 50 – Kirwan

Day 49 – Weekend Work

Yesterday, the leaders of the Maryland General Assembly announced that the 2020 Legislative Session will adjourn on Wednesday, March 18 due to the coronavirus outbreak.  Senator Bailey is committed to using the remaining time of this session to secure passage of important bills for District… Read More »Day 49 – Weekend Work

Day 48

The General Assembly is continuing to meet, although access to the legislative complex is currently restricted to members and essential staff only.  The legislature will be in Session this Saturday and Sunday to ensure that critical work can be completed.  Although the Senator values hearing… Read More »Day 48

Day 47 – COVID-19

This afternoon, Governor Hogan announced several measures intended to address the Coronavirus outbreak.  You can read about these actions in this press release from the Governor’s Office: Today, Senator Bailey welcomed students from St. Mary’s County to Annapolis.  A group from the St. Mary’s County… Read More »Day 47 – COVID-19

Day 44 – Bond Saturday

Senator Bailey presented three legislative bond initiatives to be considered by the General Assembly this session for projects in District 29.  These bond initiatives are requests for funding local projects in the State’s Capital Budget.  On Saturday, Senator Bailey presented a bond initiative he has… Read More »Day 44 – Bond Saturday