Sports Complex Study Information

On October 27, the Maryland Stadium Authority presented a market and economic analysis to the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County as part of its ongoing work to study the construction of a new youth sports complex in the County.  The analysis found that demand exists for a new multi-field outdoor sports complex and indoor fieldhouse.  This analysis also included findings on the potential economic benefits that this sports complex could bring to our area.  The report estimated that this new complex could support 630 jobs in St. Mary’s County, 440 of which would be new to the State, and that it could generate $3.4 million in new tax revenues annually for St. Mary’s County and the State of Maryland through increased economic activity. 

Senator Bailey has been a strong supporter of the effort to bring this sports complex and the economic benefits associated with it to St. Mary’s County.  Following the presentation of this analysis to the Commissioners, Senator Bailey sent a letter to the Maryland Stadium Authority to offer support for the next phase of the project, emphasize the importance of this project to District 29, and begin a discussion on how to fund the construction of this complex. 

The full study and more information on this important project is available from the Maryland Stadium Authority at