Day 41 – Kirwan Commission

Last night, Senator Bailey attended a reception at Government House with Governor Hogan and members of the House and Senate Republican Caucuses.  This reception gave the legislators the opportunity to discuss pending legislation with each other, to tell the Governor what their priorities are for the rest of this session, and to hear from the Governor what his priorities are for our State as well.

Today, Senator Bailey presented Senate Bill 930, which would expand the ability to hunt geese in Southern Maryland.  Senator Bailey discussed why it is important for all of Southern Maryland to have the same ability to hunt geese and in support of our farmers and landowners who could benefit from this change in the law.  He also discussed how using Route 301 as a line for goose hunting does not make sense, and how we should either let all of Southern Maryland hunt, or eliminate hunting that could affect the migratory Atlantic Population of Canada geese Senator Bailey was joined by a constituent who spoke in favor of Senate Bill 930.  This bill was one of a group of bills heard today by Senator Bailey’s committee relating to hunting rights in Maryland.

Senator Bailey also continues to meet with colleagues regarding the legislation to implement the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission.  These discussions are focused on ensuring the bill includes manageable accountability for funds expended, responsibility for our school systems, and addressing the needs of our students with special needs.  Senator Bailey’s committee is scheduled to consider this bill next week.

Also happening today, following the efforts of Senator Bailey and other Senators as well as Maryland’s watermen, Senate Bill 948 was withdrawn.  Senate Bill 948 would have led to the permanent elimination of a way of life that has been so important in Maryland’s history.  This bill would have been an attack on hard working and productive oystermen in our State.  Senator Bailey was proud to work with our watermen to advocate to stop this legislation from moving forward.  For more information about Senate Bill 948 and Senator Bailey’s remarks during last week’s bill hearing on this legislation, please visit