St. Clements Island Evacuation Plan

On October 29, Senator Jack Bailey met with a group of local public safety officials and community leaders to develop an evacuation plan for large events on St. Clement’s Island.  Earlier this year, representatives from three local churches contacted Senator Bailey while planning a Youth Pilgrimage to St. Clement’s Island about the need for an evacuation plan in order to hold their event.

Senator Bailey convened a task force of stakeholders to develop an evacuation plan, bringing together representatives from a broad spectrum of organizations, including the Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department, the Seventh District Rescue Squad, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Natural Resources, St. Clement’s Museum, and local community organizations including the St. Clement’s Hundred and the Seventh District Optimists.  At this meeting, the evacuation plan was finalized.  This will not only allow the Youth Pilgrimage to go forward safely, but will also provide a framework that can be used for future events on St. Clement’s Island.

One of Senator Bailey’s priorities in the State Senate is working to bring together officials from all levels of government to help the members of our community.  This is another way in which Senator Bailey is ensuring that our government is working for the people that it represents.